Country Farms Super Green powder 300g (diabetic friendly)


Contains 50 Organic Superfoods & Dairy-Free Probiotics
Only 1 in 10 African’s and Americans consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Super Greens convenient drink mix helps fill this gap by combining the complete nutrition of 50 organic fresh fruits, veggies, grasses, berries, algae, mushrooms and more! Super Greens also supplies beneficial dairy-free probiotics and prebiotic fiber to enhance digestion, immunity and overall health and wellness.

Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables, but have you always followed this sage advice? Experts tell us that most Americans simply don’t consume the amount of greens, fruits and vegetables daily. The whole “juicing” concept flourished from the desire to obtain the valuable nutrition that only Mother Nature can provide.

The problem is anyone who’s tried juicing knows that it’s an expensive, time consuming task that often ends up being more of a bother than a health advantage. Now, the solution is convenient and delicious Country Farms Super Greens Drink Mix.

This alkalizing, whole food blend of fruits, vegetables, probiotics and greens provides numerous health benefits. This antioxidant-rich, low-calorie drink helps support digestion, energy levels and immune health, while also helping to satisfy hunger.

Super Greens is an easy-to-use, delicious drink mix available in natural and berry flavors. One serving delivers an advanced, nutrient-rich profile to enhance your overall health. Enjoy this powerhouse drink mix to get you going in the morning and/or as a snack between meals.

Features & details
Convenient wholefood drink mix contains 50 superfood concentrates without the hassles of juicing
Loaded with greens, wheat grass, beets, spirulina, berries, mushrooms and more
4 grams of fiber from real fruits and vegetables, plus probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestion
Boosts energy levels and supports immune health
Made with organic, Non-GMO ingredients
20 servings of delicious natural flavor Gluten free and vegetaria


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