Better Body avocado Oil (1litre)


Better Body avocado Oil (1litre)

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Better Body avocado Oil 1litre

Pressed from ripe avocados, better body Avocado Oil is a 100% pure avocado oil that is dense in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Each bottle of unrefined and naturally cold-pressed oil contains the goodness of 16 avocados. Almost 70 per cent of avocado oil consists of monounsaturated oleic acid content, an omega-9 fatty acid that has been shown to benefit heart health and increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or ‘good’ cholesterol.

There are myriad ways to enjoy avocado oil – here’s how to incorporate Grove Avocado Oil into your cooking.

Drizzled over dishes

The mild flavour profile of avocado oil lends itself to a huge variety of dishes, and is particularly delicious drizzled over salads, vegetables and fish.

The vibrant colour of better body Avocado Oil makes a bright addition to summer salads and share plates, such as this simple Summer Caprese Salad.

Combining the oil with lemon and salt makes a tasty dressing or a visually-appealing dip for bread to be dunked into.

On the barbecue

Avocado Oil is perfect for high-heat cooking thanks to its very high smoke point of 250°C, much higher than other popular oils such as coconut oil (175°C) and extra virgin olive oil (165-190°C).

With the average barbecue temperature sitting between 180°C and 230°C, Grove Avocado Oil is the ideal choice for barbie season. The oil maintains its structure, flavour and nutrients under high heat where other oils begin to break down.

Try using Avocado Oil to make this show-stopping Rubbed BBQ Beef Brisket with Pickled Pepper Salsa.

For better baking

Substituting butter for avocado oil won’t sacrifice the taste or texture of your favourite baked treats – in fact, avocado oil is a great choice for baking as it helps to keep cakes and muffins moist. Better Avocado Oil also brings its health benefits to your more decadent desserts. Avocado oil is a key ingredient in The World’s Healthiest Chocolate Cake – a must-make recipe!

Quick and easy cooking

The high smoke point of avocado oil makes it perfect for everyday meals, whether pan-frying, sautéing or roasting. The mild flavour means it’s a good option for cooking as it won’t overpower your other ingredients.


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