Blue Diamond Organic Almond flour (1.3kg)


Blue Diamond Organic Almond flour 1.3kg

Blue Diamond Organic Almond flour 1.3kg

Fine and flavorful flour made of almonds that can be used wherever you want the taste and nutritional benefits of almonds without the crunch, such as in smoothies, hot cereals and bread crumb coatings. Almond flour is moist, delicious, nutritious, and easy to use! When it comes to baking with almond flour, the finer the grind, the better your baked goods will turn out.

Features & details
Gluten free
Great in recipes and baking
Supports Keto and paleo lifestyles
Finely sifted and made with high quality blanched almonds
Contains 1 – 3 pounds bag of blue diamond almond flour.



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