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MCT Oil – what it is and how it works 🤓

Whether you’re new to keto, or have been on the block for a while, MCT oil is spoken about often.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil contains medium length chains of fats known as triglycerides. The benefit of them being medium length is that they can be easily digested and have added health benefits due to the way your body processes these fats.

MCT is most commonly gotten from coconut oil but can be found in other foods/ products.

✅What MCT oil can do for you:

Helps with weight loss! Heard of bullet coffee? MCT oil is the magic ingredient here keeping your body running and feeling fuller for longer – MCT oil is especially great when fasting (16-8 or longer).

💪It’s super good for the brain. Due to MCT’s length and being able to be processed quickly and highly efficiently by your body, MCT oil is a quick source of energy for your brain & body.

🏋️💪Promotes your body using fat for energy! This is what the ketogenic lifestyle is all about, changing that body chemistry to stop seeking carbs & sugar as a fuel source and use the stored fats we already have as well as the healthy fats we eat.

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