High Key Mini Biscotti Cookies (Almond) (63.8g)

High Key Mini Biscotti Cookies (Almond) (63.8g)

Highkey Keto Snacks Low Carb Biscotti Cookies 3 Pack – Grain & Gluten Free Foods – No Sugar Added Treats – Healthy European Dessert Food – Biscuit Cookie – Diabetic, Ketogenic & Paleo Diet Snack – Almond

Features & details
Only 3g net carbs: HighKey Snacks keto mini biscotti cookies are a diet-friendly snack cookie made with only 3g of net carbs, no sugar added, and 3g of protein per serving, these keto bites make great healthy keto snacks. Suitable for chocolate chip cookies, healthy biscuits, diabetic snacks and treats, paleo chocolate chip cookies, and low carb chocolate chip cookies. These cookie snack packs are perfect as cookies for coffee, or healthy office snacks!

Gluten free low carb snacks: Indulge with these healthy cookies and have family friendly sweet snacks for everyone to enjoy. These gluten free low sugar snacks are grain free and have a low glycemic index for optimal nutrition. Replace your protein snacks, cookies and snacks, mini chocolate chip cookies, and paleo diet snacks with these mini biscottis.

At HighKey we create gluten free healthy snacks so permission to indulge without the guilt granted!
Diet friendly low sugar cookies: Less than 1g of sugar per serving, perfect as paleo snacks and treats, healthy gluten free snacks, and low carb keto food. HighKey crunchy cookies are better for you than original biscotti, these low carb protein cookies are designed to satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking your diet. These biscuits snacks are a great addition to a morning coffee, or an afternoon treat. Enjoy crunchy gourmet HighKey keto cookies at anytime of the day.

Wholesome and nutritious ingredients: These keto dessert snacks are packed with real ingredients such as fresh almonds, almond flour, and coconut oil. Whether you’re focused on eating gluten free food products, or keto diet foods and snacks, these healthy low carb snacks are sure to satisfy hunger when a craving strikes! This low carb gluten free food are great as healthy cookies for kids, healthy cookies for adults, healthy chocolate chip cookies, and low sugar snacks for adults.
Sweet healthy snacks: At HighKey, we know that snacking can be hard. That’s why we create products that are high quality, calorie conscious, macro nutrient focused, but most importantly delicious! At HighKey we take pride in our keto baking mixes, keto biscuits, keto low carb bread, keto muffins, keto pancakes, keto cookies, keto cereal, keto foods, sweet keto snacks, keto protein snacks, keto diet snacks, keto cookies and snacks, paleo snacks low carb, low carb low sugar snacks and more!


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