Judees Gluten Free Heavy Cream Powder 312g pack


Judees Gluten Free Heavy Cream Powder

Juddees heavy whipping cream is gluten free and a creamer milk substitute on a Lowcarb keto lifestyle .

Perfect for use in coffee ,tea, cocoa,smoothies ,ice cream and baking delicious pasteries.

In order to reconstitute the heavy cream, use 1/2 cup of dried heavy cream powder to 1/2 cup water (1 to 1 ratio). Blend and let sit in refrigerator for a bit to get cold and to thicken up. The reconstituted heavy cream is not a great replacement for making into whipped cream. But the heavy cream can be added to scones and sauces. Try adding the reconstituted heavy cream to a traditional tomato sauce 2 Tbsp at a time. Stir. The sauce will turn a lighter red/orange and you should be able to taste the richness.

Premium Heavy Cream Powder from dairy farms in the midwestern USA, preservative free, naturally GMO free and gluten free, keto friendly
Dehydrated sweet cream with 72% butterfat adds a rich flavor to any of your sauces or salad dressings. Use as a creamer for your morning coffee.
For liquid heavy cream: add 1/2 cup Heavy Cream Powder to 1/2 cup water or a 1 to 1 ratio.
For half and half cream: add 1/4 cup Heavy Cream Powder, 1/4 cup Judee’s Whole Milk Powder to 1/2 cup water
Ingredients: Pasteurized Sweet Cream (80-90%), Skim Milk Solids (10-15%), Sodium Caseinate (< 5%)
No BHT, BHA, or TBHQ preservatives

Packaged in the Midwest USA. Sturdy, resealable standup pouch is foil lined and BPA free to preserve freshness and extend shelf life
Freshness locked in using an oxygen absorber in the package.

Judee’s Gluten Free is a Dedicated Gluten and Nut Free facility.


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