Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer Original Flavor


Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer Original Flavor

Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer has all the same rich ingredients as the Ketogenic Coffee and is gluten-free, soy-free, and tastes just as smooth as traditional creamers. This powdered product is a mix of MCT oil and coconut, and with just a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Plus as part of both traditional and Ketogenic diets, MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) can easily be converted into fuel (in the form of ketones) as a major source of vital energy-boosting for the body, all while reducing the need for extra carbohydrates and helping curb large-appetite cravings. All together, this creates an instant, balanced, nutrient-dense beverage booster that is sure to transform your morning coffee into an even more important part of a truly healthier diet. So for those who cannot part from their usual coffee brand, this creamer can serve as a balance your cravings as well as what your body truly needs. This creamer comes in an 8.5-ounce container. Rapid Fire is part of Windmill Health Products and offers a full range of functional, nutritional selections that offer multiple health benefits that are ready-to-mix, easy-to-use, and incorporate well within your active lifestyle. Rapid Fire formulas are carefully-crafted blends of clinically-studied ingredients that not only support well-being, but are also sure to satisfy your taste buds. These formulas are offered in a variety of convenient options to help keep you going and ultimately feeling your best. These benefits are only the beginning, whether you’re incorporating them into a ketogenic diet or another type of diet, of the advantages of Rapid Fire. Store in a cool, dry place.

Features & details
Give your favorite coffee the functional boost of Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer, while enjoying the creamy, delicious taste of an awesome cup of Joe
This easy-to- mix powder creamer is made with quality MCT oil, coconut, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to give each cup of coffee or tea an amazing taste
Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer can help you burn calories and stick to a low-carb ketogenic diet. Plus each serving can help you feel more satisfied and aid in a weight loss program
This functional creamer helps boost energy levels, suppress appetite, support physical performance, enhance healthy digestion and may even boost brain power.

240g container

Price #8,000


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