Rapid Fire Ketogenic MCT OIL ORIGINAL unflavoured


Rapid Fire MCT Oil, 100% Made from Coconuts, Ketogenic and Paleo Diet Approved, Weight Loss, Great in Keto Coffee, Tea and Smoothies 16 oz. (30 Servings)

Jump start your metabolism with Rapid Fire MCT Oil! Consisting of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Rapid Fire MCT Oil is a dietary supplement packed with beneficial fats for sustained, natural energy and reduced carb-cravings that promotes fat-burning, boosts your immune system, and much more! To take advantage of this major fatty acid, simply mix it with your favorite hot or cold beverage, such as coffee or smoothies.

Promotes healthy weight management, supports metabolism and increases fat-burning, and more
Derived from only pure coconut oil—zero chemicals .

Mixes instantly with your favorite coffee and shakes


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