Simply Nature Organic Quinoa (454g)

Simply Nature Organic Quinoa (454g)

Simply Nature Organic Quinoa – 454g

Simply Nature Organic Quinoa is an extremely versatile and easy-to-prepare seed with a slightly nutty flavor. It makes a great side dish when mixed with vegetables and seasonings.

Simply Nature Organic Quinoa is a good source of fiber. It’s also naturally gluten free and low sodium food.

Consume quinoa, a full of protein, nutritious, easy to digest and gluten-free food item, either plain or as an ingedient in a grain salad.

Here are ways to use quinoa.
Add quinoa to salads. …
Make breakfast porridge. …
Make burger patties. …
Make quinoa taco ‘meat’ …
Add quinoa to stews and soups.
Make healthier treats.

Quinoa has a lovely nutty flavor, and it can boil in less than 20 minutes, so it’s a great alternative to pasta or rice for a quick meal. Use quinoa just as you would any other grain, like rice or barley. It makes a fantastic side dish for almost any meal, especially if cooked it with broth instead of water and add a bay leaf to the pot. It can also be used in breakfast porridges, and salads.


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