Sow Chia Elbow Glutwen Free Macaroni (Lowcarb/vegan approved )


Sow Chia Elbow Glutwen Free Macaroni (Lowcarb/vegan approved )

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LOW CARB – Plant based-chia and multigrain pasta – simple, natural, and made with only 3 ingredients, making this pasta nutritious for the whole family.

HIGH NUTRITION VALUE – Our Chia Pasta contains a high amount of protein and omega-3. Plus, it has 6g dietary fiber, more than any other pasta, with an ideal balance between soluble and insoluble fiber that will help your digestive process*. All these nutrients make this pasta low in glycemic index.

VEGAN, NON-GMO and KOSHER – Great nutritious vegan option, certified NON-GMO and Kosher product
GLUTEN, SUGAR AND TRANS FAT FREE – This product is 100% gluten free, and does not contain sugars or trans fats. No additives nor colorants are used.
ALSO KNOWN AS – vegan pasta, veggie pasta, organic pasta, protein pasta, fiber pasta, low calorie pasta, skinny pasta, low carb pasta and gluten-free pasta noodles.

It comes handy while on Keto lifestyle as a nursing mother and when on maintenance stage as well .


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