Too Good Gourmet Keto-Friendly Cookies 142g pack (Birthday Cake Flavor)


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These KETO-friendly cookies are a delicious addition to any diet! Made sugar and grain-free, they make for a low glycemic index treat that won’t spike blood sugar while satisfying the need to indulge. Now you can have your cookie, and eat it too!

We make our cookies the way we like them – from the same scratch ingredients you use in your own kitchen. And we dream up ways to make them special using flavors you love and eye-catching packing to create something truly unique. It’s our way of making life sweeter!


Keto-Friendly Cookies available flavors.

Too Good Gourmet Keto-Friendly variety Cookies.

KETO-FRIENDLY DESSERTS- Irresistible delicious sugar-free cookies that leave you feeling satisfied.

GRAIN-FREE LOW CARB- Paleo snack without ANY sugar will satisfy your sweet tooth, without any guilt.

DELICIOUS SOFT-BAKED COOKIES- Just like they just came out of the oven, a tasty low-calorie snack.

HEALTHY AND NATURAL- Ingredients that have less than 2 grams of net carbs per serving for weight loss.

LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX – Our keto cookies have quality ingredients that won’t spike your blood sugar.

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