Youtheory Collagen Supplements 6000 mg

Youtheory Collagen Supplements 6000 mg

Youtheory Collagen Supplements
6,000 mg, 120 Tablets

Youtheory® Collagen can help you achieve inner health and outer beauty. Providing 6,000 mg of easily digested and highly absorbable collagen peptides per serving, this formula supplies the essential building blocks to support healthy aging and a more youthful appearance. It also features a daily dose of vitamin C to help aid normal collagen formation and boost antioxidant protection.

*6,000 mg hydrolyzed collagen per daily serving

Skin, Hair & Nail Formula
6,000 mg†
Dietary Supplement
Made for All of You
6,000 mg Collagen Per Serving
Replenishes Beauty Proteins
Helps Counteract Skin-Aging
Revitalizes Skin, Hair & Nails


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